Filtering message activity - Tile and List View

You can apply filtering criteria on the Tile view and List view on the Activity > Messages page.

You can toggle filters on the messages displayed as follows:

  • Saved Filters - Displays a list of filters previously saved that you can apply. Select a saved filter to apply it. See Managing saved filters.
  • Clear All - Removes all filters and displays messages from the last 30 days.
  • By message direction – Click Inbound or Outbound.
  • By partner – In the Partners field, enter a partner’s name or ID and press Enter. You must enter the entire name or ID. You can enter a comma-separated list of partner names or IDs to search on multiple partners.

    Alternatively, if you have access to more than one partner, the Browse Partners link is displayed.

    Click this link to display a dialog box in which you can select partners to search.

  • By issue
    • In the Issues field, enter an issue number and press Enter to display only those messages pertaining to that issue. You can enter a comma-separated list of issue numbers to search on multiple issues.
    • Click Current or Resolved to display only messages in the selected state.
      There are several categories of Current issues:
      • New - Issue is awaiting assignment to service representatvive.
      • Open - Issue has been assigned to a representative or action is pending from Cleo.
      • Pending - Action is Pending from a customer or an entity from outside of Cleo.
      • On-hold - Waiting for Partner.
      There are two categories of Resolved issues:
      • Solved - Issue is solved, but not closed. Issues are closed after 3 days of being marked as Solved.
      • Closed - Issue is closed.
  • By acknowledgement – Click one or more of the FA types:
    • Rejected
    • Accepted
    • Pending
    • Late - You can refine this filter by choosing one of the following types of Late FAs.
      • Received and Late - message was received but was late.
      • Not yet received & Late - message has not yet been received, but is already late.
  • By message – In the Messages field, enter a message ID to display the matching message. You can enter just a portion of the message ID or you can use a % to search for values at the end of the ID. For example, enter %123 to search for message IDs ending in 123. You can enter a comma-separated list of message IDs to search for multiple messages. Searching my message ID is case-insensitive.
  • By message type – Select one or more message types to display just those message types. Deselect a message type to hide those messages. All messages are displayed when no message types are highlighted.
  • By date – Select a date range to display messages that were sent in that range during that time.

Managing saved filters

You can save the current filter criteria. Click the Saved Filter link and select Save Current Filter. Enter a name for the filter and click Save.

You can delete an existing filter. Click the Saved Filter link and select Manager Filters. Select one or more filters you want to delete and click Delete.