Viewing message information - Business Process view

The Business Process view appears when you click a message in Tile view. The message you clicked is displayed as part of a series of messages related to the same business process in your system.
Note: Data displayed in the Business Process view is formatted per your locale.

The left column displays a set of tiles (one message per tile) listed in chronological order. By default, the main part of the page displays detailed information about the message you clicked in the Tile or List view. To view detailed information about another message, click the corresponding tile in the left column.

If you click a message with an Issue status icon (open or resolved), the right pane displays two tabs: Summary and Issue.

Viewing detailed information and raw message data

The Summary tab displays detailed information about the message.

You can click the View... link in the top right corner of the tab to view the raw message data in a separate dialog box. If functional acknowledgement data exists for the message, you can view it here, too. Alternatively, you can view functional acknowledgement data (if it exists) directly from the Tile view by clicking the FA icon in the lower right corner of a given tile.

You can view message data in its original format or in its translated format, if available. You can also view the functional acknowledgement.

You can download the data being displayed (original message, translated message, or functional acknowledgement, if available) using the Download button.

In addition, you can use the Compare With menu to compare any two of the three messages (original message, translated message, and functional acknowledgment) side-by-side.

Tracking issues with messages

The Issue tab displays information about the issue related to the message extracted from the issue tracking system.

The comments from the issue are displayed in the Comments section of the Issue tab.

You can follow the issue by clicking the Follow button at the top right corner of the Issues tab. A user who is following the issue is notified via email whenever the ticket is updated.

Issue description and comments can have attachments. Click on an attachment to open it in a browser.

You can add your own comments to the ticket in the Comments text box.

Click Messages to return to the Tile view of the Messages page.