Downloading message information - Tile and List View

From the Tile view and List view on the Activity > Messages page, click the download button to download a CSV file containing information about messages that meet the current filtering criteria (see Filtering Messages - Tile View). The CSV file contains information about one message per row and includes the following fields for each message:
  • messageId – Uniquely identifies the message.
  • transaction_time – Time and date the transaction took place.
  • direction – Whether the message was inbound or outbound.
  • docType – X12 transaction number.
  • docAlias – X12 transaction name.
  • currency – The currency associated with the message.
  • faStatus – Functional Acknowlegdement status. Possible values are Successful, Error, Not Received and Not Expected.
  • ticketId – Identifies the Zendesk ticket, if it exists.
  • ticketStatus – The status of the Zendesk ticket, if it exists.
  • tpId – Value uniquely identifying the Trading Partner.
  • tradingPartnerName – The Trading Partner's name.
  • reprocessAttempts – The number of attempts at reprocessing the message, if any.