Working with Access Points

Adding an access point is a two-step process, where you download and install agent software, and then configure your system as an access point.

You can run the download-and-install script on a local machine or a remote machine.

  1. Log in to Cleo Integration Cloud.
  2. Go to the Network > Access Points page and click the Add Access Point button.
  3. Enter a Name, Host and Port. The host and port you enter are used for the actual data transfer between access points.

    For the Host, you can specify a value (an IP address or a hostname) or let the system discover the value when the Access Point software is installed.
    Note: If you specify a value, it must begin with https:// and it must include the port 17443.
    Your Access Point must have a hostname or an IP address. Any Endpoint you create on an Access Point without a hostname or IP address will not function properly as either target or source for a Data Flow.
  4. Select an operating system.
    Choose from the following:
    • CentOS
    • Red Hat
    • Ubuntu
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise ServerWindows
    The system displays instructions specific to the operating system you select.
  5. Follow the the instructions displayed to install the Agent software on the Access Point system.
After you add your Access Point, you are ready to add File System Endpoints.